A Journey of Women Wellness through Time & Nature

A Journey of Women Wellness through Time & Nature


In the heartland of India, where ancient traditions and modernity coalesce, a captivating story of transformation and unwavering dedication unfolds. This narrative mirrors the very essence of What You Need (WYN) - a brand founded on the principles of holistic wellness in a world in constant flux.

The Beginning of an Era: The Spark of Transformation: Pioneering Transparency and Empowerment
Dr. Shefali's passion for women's health was ignited during her journey in Pharmaveda – a 30 years old company which specialized in Ayurvedic formulations. She couldn't help but notice the glaring gap in the realm of intimate care products for women - an arena where transparency, safety, and compassion were often overshadowed. This void sowed the seeds of an idea, an idea that would later blossom into the revolutionary brand, WYN. WYN emerged as a response to the dire need for a different approach to women's wellness. Driven by values deeply rooted in India's ancient wellness traditions, Dr. Shefali envisioned a brand that championed transparency, integrity, and authenticity.

The Essence of Uniqueness: The Pillars of Nature, Compassion, and Excellence
As we traverse the spiritual landscapes of India, we find that these principles align seamlessly with the essence of the land itself. Just as the Ganges River flows with unwavering purity, so does WYN guarantee the purity of its products. The brand embodies compassion by being Steroid and Hormone Free, cruelty-free and filled with nutraceuticals that remains deeply connected to the world of botanical goodness.

The Pleasure of Consumption: Mints for Modern Wellness
Traditionally, consuming medicines has often been associated with unpleasant experiences—bitter pills or foul-tasting liquids. This aspect of traditional medicine can deter individuals from adhering to their wellness routines.

Herein lies one of WYN's innovative contributions—the transformation of wellness consumption into a pleasurable experience. WYN's ingenious use of mints not only delivers the therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic ingredients but also introduces an element of enjoyment to the process. These mints offer a delightful alternative to traditional medicinal forms, making the act of taking wellness products a pleasurable ritual rather than a chore. This shift in approach aligns with modern lifestyles, where well-being should not be a cumbersome task but a joyful journey.

In essence, the WYN way signifies a harmonious union of ancient wisdom and modern wellness, where nature's bounty and scientific precision converge to elevate women's health to unparalleled heights. In today's world, where health and well-being are more critical than ever, the shift to herbal products like those offered by WYN represents not just a choice but a holistic journey towards true balance and vitality, made all the more inviting through the pleasurable experience of consuming these innovative mints.

A Visionary's Dream: Dr. Shefali Tungare
In an era where women's empowerment has gained unprecedented momentum, it's crucial that products and services align with their holistic well-being. Dr. Shefali Tungare, a luminary in the field of women's health, recognized the need for herbal products for intimate areas and the immense potential to revolutionize the industry by introducing a brand that embodies transparency, safety, and the innate healing properties of nature. Her groundbreaking initiative, "WYN- What You Need," has rapidly ascended to prominence since its inception in 2022. Dr. Shefali's journey led her to the realization of a profound gap in the intimate care market, where many products either concealed their ingredients or failed to meet the safety standards that women rightfully deserved.

Beyond Products: A Paradigm Shift in Women's Wellness
However, "WYN- What You Need" transcends mere product offerings; it signifies a renaissance in the approach to women's health. Under Dr. Tungare's dynamic leadership, the brand has evolved into a multifaceted wellness entity, offering an extensive array of products tailored to address specific concerns within menstrual care, sexual wellness, and pregnancy care.

Guiding Principles: Nature, Compassion, and Innovation
WYN operates on principles deeply rooted in nature and compassion:
Hormone & Steroid Free: WYN products prioritize purity and safety, ensuring the utmost well-being for your body.
Cruelty-Free: Compassion is at the core of WYN's ethos, with no harm inflicted on any life form during product development.
Botanical Brilliance: Rooted in nature, WYN's solutions harness the potent botanical treasures of the earth, presented in the form of innovative mints.

A Comprehensive Range for Every Woman
Recognizing the diverse wellness needs of women at different stages of life, WYN offers a comprehensive range of products, each meticulously designed to cater to specific concerns:

Menstrual Wellness: From managing conditions like PCOS to ensuring pain-free menstrual cycles, WYN has introduced a groundbreaking range of menstrual wellness products like mints tailored to address unique menstrual challenges. Whether it's nutrition mints for PCOS, pain relief tablets for periods, or White Discharge mints, each product is meticulously crafted to address specific menstrual challenges.

Sensual Wellness: WYN's intimate care products, including Breast Firming Cream, Intimate Depigmenting Cream, and Vaginal Tightening products, empower women to embrace their sensuality with confidence.

Pregnancy Care: During pregnancy and the postpartum phase, WYN provides vital support through products like Lactation Cream and Pregnancy and Anchoring mints.

Menopausal Wellness: As women transition into menopause, WYN offers comfort and vitality with products like Menopausal Vaginal Cream and Menopausal Mints.

Everyday Wellness: Acknowledging the significance of daily personal hygiene, WYN offers intimate hygiene products online such as Intimate Hygiene Wipes and Intimate Hygiene Spray. These not only deliver gentleness and safety but also maintain pH balance and prevent infections, ensuring a refreshing experience throughout the day.

A Revival of Ancient Wisdom and Holistic Healing
Every product under the WYN umbrella draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. These nutraceutical solutions, infused with the bounty of nature, require no prescription, thereby making holistic wellness accessible to women across the globe.

WYN represents a commitment to women everywhere, pledging wellness, empowerment, and holistic care. By harmonizing ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary needs, WYN aspires to rejuvenate and redefine womanhood. It transcends the realm of products to embody a promise of quality, compassion, and genuine care. WYN's principles and values serve as the bedrock of its commitment to women's health and well-being.

Join us on this remarkable voyage of rediscovery and revitalization as we celebrate the essence of womanhood with WYN. Dr. Shefali Tungare's dedication to enhancing women's physical health using intimate care products has paved the path for a brand that signifies not a brand but a transformative movement. "WYN- What You Need" stands as an embodiment of the idea that when passion converges with purpose, profound change becomes inevitable.

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