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Nutritional Mints

Here at WYN, we're all about making wellness feel warm and welcoming. That's why we've introduced nutritional mints, not medicines, to redefine your journey to feminine well-being.Our mints are like little drops of wellness magic, carefully blended with essential nutrients like Ashwagandha and Shatavari, along with nature's own Resveratrol (Grape Seeds) and Quercetin. They're not your typical clinical remedies; they're your friendly companions on the road to addressing specific feminine concerns. No more fumbling with traditional medicine bottles or complex routines. With WYN, you've got wellness in the palm of your hand, in a format that's as delightful as it is effective.

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The Ayurveda Connection: Your Path to Holistic Wellness with WYN

In the heart of WYN lies the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a centuries-old traditional approach to wellness from India. Our products are steeped in this rich tradition, combining it with modern science to create something special. We're the pioneers of Nutraceutical Mints, fusing Ayurvedic know-how with today's technology. These mints need no prescription, making wellness accessible to all. Join us on a journey to rediscover and rejuvenate womanhood. WYN isn't just about products; it's a promise of quality, compassion, and care for every woman's well-being.

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How do Steroid hormones in medicine affect your body?

While the endogenous steroid hormones are synthesized and released as per the body’s own needs whereas externally given steroids through medicines can be harmful especially when used without medical supervision, erratically and over the long term. These include a diverse set of adverse effects which range from mild to severe such as headaches, muscle weakness, insomnia, hair loss, acne, delayed wound healing, depression, high blood sugar & diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain & obesity, heart attacks etc.

What do plant derived compounds mean and how are they beneficial?

Plant-derived compounds are things that come from plants. These natural substances can be used in various ways to help keep us healthy. For instance, some of these plant compounds act like bodyguards for our cells. Others can calm down swelling and make us feel better if we're in pain.

Does WYN product needs any particular diet to give you results?

There are NO specific dietary restrictions to accompany WYN products. However, a balanced, nutritious and diversified diet along with a healthy life-style is generally recommended.

How does combination of WYN’s Herbs, Phytoactives (Actives from Plants), Vitamins & Nutraceuticals maintain body clock?

Nutraceuticals include various herbs, their extracts and phytoactive isolates used along with vitamins and minerals. Many of these have been efficaciously used in various traditional medicine systems to correct the body’s rhythm & clock. These natural nutrients function by gently aiding the body’s natural reactions and processes. This continued use over hundreds of years bears testimony towards their safety.

How are WYN Mints different than traditional medicines?

Medicines, both traditional and modern have oral dosage forms which are not very palatable or enjoyable. Whereas, nutritional mints from WYN combine wellness with fun and joy making the journey pleasurable!