Explore your journey of change with feminine care Explore your journey of change with feminine care

Designed to deliver nature’s finest nutrients

  • Steroid Hormone Free

  • Science Backed

  • Vegetarian

  • Cruelty free

  • Sugar free

  • Plant Derived Compounds

Science backed nutrients with natural herbs

  • Satvari
  • Ashoka
  • Punarnava
  • Lodhra
  • Salmali
  • Anantmul
Mints not medicines

Mints not medicines, backed by science

Here at WYN, we're all about making wellness feel warm and welcoming. That's why we've introduced nutritional mints, not medicines, to redefine your journey to feminine well-being....

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Chewable tablets are easy to consume anywhere at home, work or in travel. After 15-20 days I can see results that no hot flashes even in summer. I feel energetic throughout the day.



Definitely, would highly recommend the intimate hygiene spray to everyone travelling n working for long hours’ outdoors. It's a must have product with pleasant fragrance n freshness.



I used to suffer a lot with lower abdominal pain during periods every month. Though my periods are regular, still was facing this issue. Then I came to know about this mints for period pain. Regularly I take 4 mints per day. I feel such a relief now. I highly recommend these mints for all ladies out there. And its 100% herbal product.



I have been facing white discharge issue since last 2 years. Recently I got to know about this product which contains herbal actives in mint form. I am having this mints from last 1 month and I can see the result as my problem has been substantially reduced.



Very easy to carry in the bag, doesn’t take much space. Theses natural intimate Hygiene wipes are the best solution for those times where u walk into a bathroom and don't want to touch anything and more. It makes you feel clean & the natural tea tree oil fragrance is refreshing as well... the best part is no irritation, no itching and no odor



I've been using Wyn Breast cream for one week now. I have seen results. My breasts are fuller and more firm, definitely feeling a difference. I am pleased so far, which is why I rate this product a 4, so far.



WYN's Commitment to Women's Wellness

  • How your protein intake affects your breast health

    How your protein intake affects your breast health

    Breast comprise of mammary glands and fatty tissue which are suspended in jelly like supporting tissue. The shape & firmness of the breasts are maintained by the viscoelastic extra-cellular matrix proteins

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  • How to balance female hormones for a healthy menstruation

    How to balance female hormones for a healthy menstruation

    The menstrual cycle functions under the control of coordinated, synchronized and balanced release of female hormones such as FSH, LH, Estrogens & Progesterones in each menstrual cycle...

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Only women can truly understand women’s wellness.

As the founder dedicated to women's health by way of herbal and nutritive mints, I am committed to pioneering a path where every woman is empowered to embrace her well-being, making her health a harmonious part of her life's journey.

-Dr. Shefali Tungare


Only Women Can Truly Understand Women’s Wellness.

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