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Discover WYN's Natural Remedies for Menstruation

Natural Remedies for Menstruation by WYN

Welcome to an innovative breakthrough in menstrual care - What You Need, proudly introducing India's first women's wellness mints! We recognize the importance of prioritizing your well-being during those specific days, and our novel mints are here to reinvent your menstrual experience.

Discover a holistic approach to menstrual wellness with What You Need! Tailored to address specific concerns, our range is crafted with natural ingredients to ensure you experience comfort and balance during every menstrual cycle phase.

Why Menstrual Wellness Mints?

Gone are the days of distress and inconvenience! What You Need offers a wonderful solution to make your menstrual days more comfortable and agreeable. Our Menstrual Wellness Mints are created with care to ease those monthly woes and make you feel your finest.


1. Freshness Redefined: Experience freshness with our cautiously curated blend of natural elements. Say goodbye to undesirable odors and hello to a confident you!

2. Soothing Relief: Each mint is pervaded with ingredients known for their soothing properties. Enjoy a sense of tranquility and relief during your menstrual days, making your routine more adaptable.

3. Portable Comfort: Compact and unobtrusive, our mints are perfect for on-the-go freshness. Slip them into your purse or pocket and have your wellness friend by your side wherever you go.

4. Sugar-Free and Vegetarian: WYN cares for your health and the planet. Our Menstrual Wellness Mints are sugar-free, vegetarian, and boasts herbal for women's health, ensuring an exemplary treat that aligns with your ethics.

5. Mood-Boosting Formula: We believe that health goes beyond the physical. Our mints are intended to uplift your mood, turning those perplexing days into moments of self-care and positivity.

What You Need's Herbal Menstrual Care Mints - your principal companions for a naturally improved menstrual experience. Espouse the power of herbal feminine product and order your personalized pack today!

Embrace the tried-and-true wisdom of Herbal, prioritize your well-being, and order your tailored female intimate hygiene products pack today to experience the transformative power of nature. Upgrade your menstrual experience, naturally!

1. PCOS Mint:

Fight Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) discomfort with our PCOS Mint. Augmented with herbs, it aims to improve symptoms and promote hormonal balance, making your period more adaptable.

2. Irregular Periods Mint:

Normalize your menstrual cycle with our Irregular Periods Mint. Packed with natural herbs, it helps restore regularity, providing a natural resolution for a more predictable process.

3. Heavy Periods Mints:

Experience respite from heavy flows with our Heavy Periods Mints. The Herbal blend supports a stable flow, minimizing awkwardness and ensuring a more comfortable period.

4. Pain-Free Periods Mints:

Bid farewell to menstrual pain with our Pain-Free Periods Mints. Prepared with Natural ingredients, it eases uneasiness, allowing you to go through your day fast.

5. White Discharge Mints:

Combat white discharge anxieties naturally with our White Discharge Mints. Herbal elements work unruffled to promote vaginal health, providing a sense of freshness and self-assurance.

6. Scanty Periods Mints:

Address light periods with our Scanty Periods Mints. The Herbal formula inspires a healthier flow, balancing your menstrual routine.