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WYN's Pregnancy Care Feminine Product for Expecting Moms

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We realize that women's journey through pregnancy deserves the highest care and attention. That's why we are proud to introduce India's first nutritional mints and a range of women's well-being products designed to meet your distinctive needs. Our present focus is on providing brilliant pregnancy care products to support you during this particular time. We believe that women's wellness is a complex journey, and our products are drafted to be your trusted companions, offering care, support, and empowerment at every turn.

Engage with WYN, and let our nutritional mints be the preliminary point of your wellness voyage. With an emphasis on pregnancy care and a broader commitment to feminine products, we invite you to experience the joy of self-care and authority. At WYN, we understand that your pleasure is intricately tied to having specifically What You Need on your path to wellness.


Delicious and Nutrient-Packed:  Our mints are nutritious and delicious, making them a suitable and pleasurable way to supplement your diet. Packed with necessary vitamins, minerals, and herbal phytoactives these mints are an appetising treat for moms on the go.

Gentle and Safe: Formulated with the safety of both mother and baby in mind, our products are free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle and safe care routine for pregnant women.

Naturally Derived: Our pregnancy care products are crafted with naturally derived and Ayurvedic ingredients, carefully selected for their gentle and effective properties. These time-tested remedies from Ayurveda help support the unique needs of expectant mothers, providing a holistic approach to pregnancy care.

Steroid and Hormone-Free: Our pregnancy care products are formulated without the use of steroids or hormones, providing expectant mothers with a safe and natural option for their skincare needs during this special time

Trusted Quality: Backed by rigorous testing and quality standards pregnancy care products are trusted by expectant mothers worldwide for their safety and effectiveness.

Science-Backed: Our pregnancy care products are developed using the latest scientific research, ensuring they are safe and effective for you and your baby.