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Lactation Mints

Lactation Mints

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Nourish your breastfeeding journey with our nutritional mints to support lactation.

Our Herbal & Nutritional Mints ensure healthy lactation by improving breast tissue development, increasing breast milk output, and supporting a steady milk supply in nursing mothers.

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Experience the support your body needs for healthy lactation. Ensure a plentiful supply of nourishing breast milk for your little one's well-being. It's the key to a happy, confident, and nurturing you.

Nourishment for Breast Milk: Our formula provides essential nourishment, ensuring the generation of an ample supply of breast milk for your baby's well-being.

Pure and Natural: Packed with natural and botanically derived active ingredients, our formula offers the purity and care your body deserves.

No Added Steroid hormones: Your health is our priority. We have excluded any added steroid hormones from our formula.

Vegetarian & Allergen-Free: We believe in wellness for everyone. Our formula is vegetarian and allergen-free, catering to diverse dietary needs.

4 mints/day

4 Oral Dissolving Mint Tablets can be taken anytime, at once
or spread across the day!

key Ingrediants key Ingrediants

Key Ingredients


Improves breast tissue development & increase breast milk output in nursing mothers


Tones and strengthens the uterus


Stimulate release of body's own prolactin hormone which is responsible for lactation in nursing mothers

How Our Mints Help

Modern research has demonstrated that natural botanicals such as Shatavari, Jeevanti and Upkunchika help in:

Mammary gland function

Improving maternal milk output

Stimulating prolactin secretion

What causes reduced lactation?

Common causes of inadequate lactation include nutritional deficiencies during adolescence and pregnancy with sub-optimal mammary gland development, hormonal imbalances, prolonged use of birth control pills and other medications, modern-day lifestyle stress, obesity and smoking.

What to expect

Gradual improvements in milk output can be experienced weekly till adequacy is reached in 4-6 weeks.


How long should one continue taking Nutritional Mints for Lactation?

It is recommended to use these mints for at least six months post-delivery, that is, as long as the baby is being exclusively breastfed.

Can these mints be taken at any time of the day?

Yes, you can consume the mints any time during the day, allowing flexibility for the mother's schedule. That is, 4 mints can be taken all at once or spread across the day, till the baby is breastfed.

How do these mints support lactation?

Our nutritional mints are specially formulated to support and enhance lactation in nursing mothers. They contain natural botanical extracts traditionally used over centuries to promote lactation. Modern research has shown that these botanicals help in promoting mammary gland development and stimulate the body's prolactin secretion. This ultimately aids in improving maternal milk output for adequate lactation.

What are the key ingredients in these mints?

WYN’s nutraceutical mints for lactation contain concentrated extracts of natural botanicals such as Shatavari, Jeevanti, and Upkuncika. Nursing mothers have traditionally and safely used these botanicals over centuries to improve lactation.

Is there a timeframe for noticing improvements in milk output?

Yes! Gradual improvements in milk output can be experienced weekly. It typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks to achieve adequacy in milk output.

Nourish your bond, fuel your journey. Our lactation mints, thoughtfully crafted, support your breastfeeding experience with natural, herbal goodness.

We are a dependable ally on your journey to better health & wellness

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