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White Discharge Mints

White Discharge Mints

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Stay fresh and confident with our nutritional mints, designed to support vaginal health and address white discharge.

Designed to reduce excessive white discharge, and ensure freshness and confidence, offering a holistic approach to feminine care with a natural and herbal solution.

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Elevate your menstrual wellness naturally with our meticulously crafted mints. Embrace hormonal harmony, herbal nutrition, and uterine strength. Bid farewell to worries and embrace the warmth of well-being, a renewed sense of well-being during your menstrual cycle with our carefully crafted mints. Here's why they're indispensable for your health:

Harmonize Hormones: These mints work in harmony with your body to normalize its natural female hormones, promoting a balanced and comfortable menstrual experience.

Purely Herbal Nutrition: Our mints are a non-hormonal and entirely herbal source of nutrition. They provide the holistic benefits of nature without any synthetic interference.

Balance Discharge: Say goodbye to excess non-menstrual discharge. These mints help regulate and modulate it, ensuring a more harmonious cycle.

Uterine Strength: Experience the strengthening effects on your uterus. These mints contribute to uterine toning and overall well-being.

No Added Sugar, No Steroid Hormones, No Artificial Color: Your health is our top priority. Our mints contain no added sugar, no steroid hormones, and no artificial colors.

Vegetarian & Allergen-Free: We believe in inclusive wellness. These mints are vegetarian and allergen-free, accommodating diverse dietary preferences.

4 mints/day

4 Oral Dissolving Mint Tablets can be taken anytime, at once
or spread across the day!

key Ingrediants key Ingrediants

Key Ingredients


Corrects hormonal imbalance


normalizes fermale hormones


Corrects hormonal imbalance and calms the uterus


modulates excessive non-menstrual discharge

How Our Mints Help

Nutritional mints help in modulating excessive non-menstrual discharge by balancing hormones and thereby helping in correcting excessive uterine secretions.

Modulates excessive non-
menstrual discharge

Tones the uterus

Balance hormonal imbalance

What causes white discharge?

White discharge refers to “Endometrio vaginal discharge”. Non-infective white discharge is due to excessive growth of uterine endometrial layers and/ or secretions from endometrium due to disturbed hormones.


For how long should I use Nutritional Mints for White Discharge?

It is recommended to consume 4 mints a day for 3 months for best and long-lasting results. Consumption should continue even during menstruation. While some relief from white discharge could be seen in the 2nd month itself, for more lasting relief, consuming for 3-6 months is recommended.

How should I consume these mints? Can I swallow it with water instead of chewing it?

Our mints can be chewed or even swallowed with water as per your convenience and liking.

Can I consume these mints during my period?

Once you have started taking these mints, it is recommended to continue consuming them without a break even through your period. It is completely safe to take these mints during menstruation.

Is this product hormonal or herbal?

WYN mints do not contain any synthetic hormones and are entirely herbal, ensuring a natural approach to addressing white discharge concerns.

How do WYN mints help in non-infective white discharge?

Non-infective white discharge is due to excessive growth or excessive secretions from the inner lining of the uterus due to disturbed hormonal rhythm. The phytoactives in these mints for non-infective white discharge work by modulating excessive non-menstrual discharge through the normalization of the body’s female hormones. They offer non-hormonal and herbal nutrition while toning and strengthening the uterus.

Embrace freshness, embrace confidence. Our nutritional mints offer a natural solution for managing white discharge, helping you feel fresh and comfortable every day.

We are a dependable ally on your journey to better health & wellness

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