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WYN - India's Pioneering Nutritional Mint

Welcome to What You Need (WYN) – where invention meets wellness! We take pride in presenting India's first-ever nutritional mints, specially shaped for women who prioritise their health and welfare. We believe in reshaping women's wellness, one mint at a time.

Reshaping Women's Health, One Mint at a Time

WYN emerges as a pioneer in redefining women's nutrition with our distinctive Ayurveda for women's health in a world where health is wealth. Our ground-breaking nutritional mints are crafted to seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine, providing a toothsome and convenient way to support your health goals. We comprehend the unique needs of women's bodies, and our products are methodically formulated to address those needs precisely.

A Refreshing Attitude to Women's Nutrition

Bid farewell to conventional supplements and embrace an invigorating approach to women's nutrition with WYN. Our nutritional mints are a wonderful fusion of taste and wellness. Each mint is a flavour that pleases your taste buds and delivers essential nutrients for your general health. It's time to experience nutrition that feels like an indulgence, not a chore.

Upraise Your Well-being

We are on a pursuit to uplift your well-being. Self-care is non-negotiable, and our range of feminine product goes beyond just mints. From carefully curated supplements to enhance your vitality to wellness prerequisites that support your general health, WYN is your partner in the journey towards a healthier and cheerier you.

Discover the power of WYN and begin a wellness journey like never before. Our promise to quality, innovation, and well-being sets us apart. With India's revolutionary nutritional mints and an all-inclusive range of wellness products, What You Need is here to authorise you to live your best life.

Crafting a Healthier Future for Women

WYN is not just about selling products; it's about creating a future where women thrive in good health. Our nutritional mints are just the commencement – a delicious gateway to a world of wellness that addresses the exclusive needs of women. Every woman deserves admittance to high-quality, purposeful products that contribute to her comfort. With us, you are not just purchasing a mint but investing in a healthier, more vibrant future.

Our Mission: Empowering Women's Wellness

Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is clear – to authorise women's wellness. We aim to break down fences, challenge stereotypes, and construct a supportive female intimate hygiene products community where women can cooperatively embrace their health journey. Through education, accessible products, and an assurance to transparency, WYN empowers you to make informed selections about your health and well-being.

Join us in our mission to emancipate women's wellness. Together, we can create a future where every woman feels confident, strong, and in authority of her health.

Embrace the Minty Revolution in Women's Wellness

Embark on a metamorphic journey with What You Need, where we've reimagined women's wellness through our inventive nutritional mints, widespread Ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods and other wellness products. Every woman deserves to feel her best!