Our Program Tailored Just For You Our Program Tailored Just For You

Our Program

Tailored Just For You

Become a WYN Brand Ambassador and awaken endless possibilities. Share our women's wellness products with your network using exclusive codes. For every sale made with your code, you earn a percentage of the sales amount. Work from anywhere, at your pace, and watch your income grow. Join our community of empowered women today. Start making a difference and maximize your potential with us and all you need is :

  • Zero Investment
  • No Inventory
  • Full tech support
  • Complete training and resources shared
  • Work to Earn

    Work to Earn

    Earn rewards for each sale, creating a substantial income stream.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Work from Anywhere

    Work from the comfort of your own space, at your own pace.

  • Work to Empower

    Work to Empower

    A community of like-minded women supporting each other's success


Refer to Your
Connections and
Earn Rewards

How it works ?

Share the WYN brand

Send our exceptional range of products to your network.

Exclusive codes

Every member from your network will use your code shared by us to make a purchase

Earn Rewards

For every sale made using your code, we reward you with a percentage of the total sales amount

To Join Our Family

Join us in this exciting journey to promote women's wellness and financial independence. Start making a difference today, one sale at a time. Become a WYN Brand Ambassador and make the most of your potential.

As the founder dedicated to women's health by way of herbal and nutritive mints, I am committed to pioneering a path where every woman is empowered to embrace her well-being, making her health a harmonious part of her life's journey.
-Dr. Shefali Tungare
Only Women Can Truly
Understand Women’s Wellness
What is Women Empowerment Program?

At WYN we believe in recognizing the immense potential, talent, and strength that women bring to the table, our Women Empowerment
Program enables you to be self-sufficient and enabling extra source of income by selling innovative & herbal WYN’s women's wellness products to your network.

How can I join the program?

Answer: It’s easy! simply register on the link, fill in your information and our team will connect with you for a detailed presentation on
the program.

How will I get support by WYN to start selling within my network?

Upon selection as Women Entrepreneur, WYN team will have a detailed training program about each product which you will be selling. In addition, you will be getting ready made collaterals which you can simply forward within your circles by WhatsApp, social media & even in person

What kind of products will I be selling?

The entire range of women's wellness products designed to
promote health and well-being will be available for your customers. You can choose to sell specific products as per your wish. You will be selling a range of.

How much can I earn through this program?

Your earnings depend on your effort and network. The more customers you bring in, the more you can earn. A detailed presentation on your earnings along with examples shall be shared with you in your training program.

Is there a fee to join the program?

No monetary investment required from your end.

Can I do this part-time or full-time?

You can participate in this program on a part-time basis,
fitting it around your schedule, or go full-time if you wish.