WYN's Journey in Ayurveda for Women's Health

Know About WYN Brand: Ayurveda for Women's Health

The Birth of WYN

Dr. Shefali Tungare's groundbreaking initiative, "WYN- What You Need," has rapidly gained prominence since its inception in 2022. She embarked on this journey after identifying a significant gaps in the intimate care market, where many products lacked transparency about their ingredients or failed to meet the safety standards that women rightfully deserve....

Empowering Women at Every Stage of Life

Welcome to WYN - What You Need, your gateway to holistic women's wellness. We're dedicated to redefining the approach to women's health, offering natural, effective, and tailored solutions. In the year 2022, Dr. Shefali Tungare initiated a ground breaking venture that would come to be known as "WYN...


What we offer

The story of What You Need - WYN products are of focused vision and in-depth understanding of scientific advances, combined with a strong foothold in Ayurveda. We've cultivated a diverse range of products that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Our product range includes Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Nutra-Cosmeceutical Health Care & Wellness products...

Our Guiding Principles


Nature Centric Approach

We draw inspiration from nature, crafting pure and safe products free from synthetic interference.


Holistic Healing

Rooted in Ayurveda, our products blend traditional wisdom with modern science, catering to women at every life stage.


Accessibility and Empowerment

Our non-prescription nutraceuticals make holistic wellness accessible, fitting right in your pocket.


Integrity and Transparency

We guarantee the highest standards through tried, tested, and peer-reviewed procedures.


Steroid Hormone Free

Our products prioritize purity and safety, free from hormones and steroids.



We create with compassion, ensuring no harm to any living being.


Botanical Excellence

Our solutions brim with botanical goodness, delivering nature's best in the form of delectable mints.

The Ayurveda Connection: Your Path to Holistic Wellness with WYN

In the heart of WYN lies the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a centuries-old traditional approach to wellness from India. Our products are steeped in this rich tradition, combining it with modern science to create something special....

Discover Your Personal Wellness Journey with WYN

Menstrual Wellness

Say goodbye to the challenges of PCOS and embrace pain-free menstrual cycles. WYN introduces a groundbreaking range of mints, meticulously curated to address specific menstrual issues. From White Discharge mints to Heavy Period mints and Menopause mints, find the relief you deserve.

Sensual Wellness

Embrace your sensuality with confidence through our intimate care products. Our Breast Cream, Intimate Depigmenting Cream, and Intimate Vaginal Cream empower you to feel your best and truly embrace your inner self.

Pregnancy Prepare & Care

Ensuring a successful pregnancy and supporting optimal lactation after birth is crucial. WYN's specialized products are designed to assist you on your journey to motherhood.

Menopausal Wellness

Transition into menopause gracefully with WYN's thoughtfully curated range. From Menopausal Vaginal Cream to Menopausal Mints, we prioritize your comfort and health during this phase of life.

Daily Wellness

We understand the importance of daily intimate hygiene. Our Intimate Hygiene Wipes and Intimate Hygiene Spray make it effortless to prioritize your well-being each day.