How menstruating twice a month affects Women’s Wellness in India

How menstruating twice a month affects Women’s Wellness in India

How menstruating twice a month affects Women’s Wellness in India

Menstruation is normal in adult women. It happens due to various hormonal changes and fluctuations in the internal organs of their bodies. So, normal menstrual cycles vary between 21 to 35 days, 28 days on average.

Further, when it comes to Women’s Wellness, menstruation plays a vital role in preparing the woman’s body for pregnancy. But, when a woman menstruates more than usual, maybe twice a month, it’s an abnormal sign.

So, in today’s blog, we will discuss Polymenorrhea, its potential causes, symptoms and what are the best remedies for it.

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What is Polymenorrhea?

In simple words, Polymenorrhea happens when a woman starts experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles. A normal cycle generally occurs between 21 to 35 days but when the duration becomes unexpectedly shorter, a woman may menstruate twice a month. Unfortunately, this condition has already affected Women’s Wellness in India to a great extent.

Plus, when a woman has polymenorrhea, she might face difficulty in getting pregnant as well. So, let’s explore this disease in detail and know some of its underlying causes and symptoms.

Common causes for polymenorrhea

Various reasons can trigger polymenorrhea in females and put Women’s Wellness in general at risk. Here are some of the potential causes.

Wrong Drug Consumption

Certain over-the-counter products, steroids and thinners can lead to polymenorrhea in women. As a result, the victim may encounter heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycles accompanied by intense pain in the abdominal region.

Bleeding Problems

Frequent or heavy bleeding can also make a woman susceptible to polymenorrhea more than ever. As a result, the patient might also encounter profuse uterine bleeding all of a sudden. This kind of bleeding disorder is not good for Women’s Wellness and when happening frequently, it’s a warning sign that Polymenorrhea may have an impact on you sooner or later.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can also cause polymenorrhea in a woman. It happens, when Cortisol, a stress hormone interferes in the woman’s reproductive health, making them menstruate frequently.

Research says that most of the women who face irregular periods or have difficulty conceiving are victims of stress in some way or the other. So, in short, stress and anxiety are not good for Women’s Wellness and can make them more susceptible to a condition like polymenorrhea.

Uterine Disorders

Certain uterine-related problems can also trigger polymenorrhea in a woman. As a result, not only do Women’s Wellness in general comes to a standstill, but many females also find it difficult to live a normal life. Take a look at this checklist.

Polyps: Uterine polyps are abnormal growth along the lining of the uterus, causing frequent or irregular menstrual cycles in women. Related symptoms include an unnatural or heavy period accompanied by intense bleeding and pain.

Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a condition where the uterus lining develops outside the organ, causing heavy menstrual flows and painful periods. As a result, not only does the woman become more prone to polymenorrhea, but she may face infertility issues as well, ultimately, making pregnancy difficult for her.

Fibroids: Fibroids are benign tumors that develop around the uterus region that may result in various health problems in a woman ranging from intense pain in the pelvis, heavy and prolonged bleeding to a frequent urge to urinate etc. 

In rare cases, unnatural uterine bleeding could be a sign of uterine cancer, also called endometrial cancer in alternative terms.

In short, Polymenorrhea is becoming widespread in India, jeopardizing Women’s Wellness in the nation to a fairly good extent.


Perimenopause is a stage in a woman’s life just before their menopause starts. In this condition, the person may encounter hormonal fluctuations and irregular periods that intensify their proneness to polymenorrhea.

Associated symptoms include weight changes, mood swings, fatigue and so on. Mostly, females start experiencing perimenopause symptoms in their early 40s, but in rare cases, it can happen during their 30s also.

STDs and Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause polymenorrhea in women. In the case of gonorrhea, the patient may experience intense itchiness in their genitals accompanied by heavy vaginal discharge and a constant burning sensation.

Coming to chlamydia, females encounter a dire kind of abdominal pain followed vaginal discharge. Both these diseases can make the victim prone to polymenorrhea, consequently, putting Women’s Wellness in India at stake.

Contraceptive Pills

Certain birth control pills and techniques such as IUDs can trigger polymenorrhea in a woman. Hence, you must consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional first before finalizing your contraceptive therapy. Depending on your unique condition and type of body, your physician will prescribe remedies and way-outs that work in the best of your favour.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Fluctuations in hormones such as progesterone and estrogen can alter your monthly cycles to a great extent. Since these hormones control menstrual bouts, so as they fluctuate, it is normal that your periods will also get irregular as a result.

Symptoms of Polymenorrhea

There are several indicating signs of polymenorrhea. The major symptom includes shorter gaps between your monthly cycles.

So, if you think that you are also menstruating twice a month and your Women’s Wellness is at stake due to that reason, then, you must see a qualified gynecologist immediately.

On this note, here are some of the tell-tale signs and symptoms of polymenorrhea, and of late you too must be encountering any of them.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Menstrual Cramps

Sudden Weight Gain

Acne Development


Hot Flashes

Poor diet, insufficient sleep, smoking and alcohol consumption are some of the other reasons that can aggravate the symptoms of polymenorrhea in females. Plus, exposure to heavy-duty activities can also result in hormonal imbalances, and, as a result, women may experience irregular menstrual cycles accompanied by intense bleeding and pain in the abdominal area.


So, now that you know how polymenorrhea intervenes in Women’s Wellness and the potential reasons that trigger this condition in females, it’s time to delve into some of the therapies and natural solutions that would free you from the brunt of polymenorrhea permanently.

Hormonal Pills: Your physician may prescribe you certain hormone-based drugs that can alter the hormonal fluctuations in your body to a favorable extent. Examples include thyroid pills, steroids and pills given for chronic ailments. As a result, the patient will start to experience notable improvements in their intermittent menstrual cycles, unnatural periods and changes in flow to say the least.

Contraceptive Therapies: Many women often resort to contraceptive therapies and solutions to get rid of polymenorrhea. But, without the advice of a qualified practitioner, one should not do it. Otherwise, it can negatively impact a woman’s menstrual cycles, bring changes in lengths and flows, ultimately, making her experience irregular periods.

On-Time Consultation: Before you opt for any therapy or natural remedy to get over Polymenorrhea, it is always advisable to seek the suggestions of an expert who specializes in this area. Depending on your unique condition, your physician will prescribe the finest therapies and way-outs, so that an ailment like polymenorrhea cannot interfere with your healthy and regular menstrual cycles and make living difficult for you.

However, the actual remedy or solution will depend on the underlying causes that have led to polymenorrhea in you. So, you should sit and discuss everything with your healthcare professional in detail, and accordingly, he or she will design the best therapy for you.

WYN’s Solution

So, until recently, if you have also started to suffer from polymenorrhea, then here comes an amazing solution for you. Try out WYN’s pain-free mints to get over the negative consequences of this ailment quickly and easily. The product comes in a one-month, two-month and three-month pack and the price option will vary based on it. Hence, if you want to enjoy Menopausal Wellness in the finest way possible, then WYN’s pain-free mints are the way to go.


Here are some of the striking benefits that WYN’s pain-free mints have to offer you.

Allergen-Free and Herbal: WYN’s pain-free mints are allergen-free, gluten-free and herbal, making it a feasible option for everyone.

Zero Artificial Color, Steroid Hormones and Added Sugar: The product contains zero artificial colors, steroid hormones and added sugar, keeping the factor of every woman’s health in mind.

Better Hormonal Health: WYN’s pain-free mints are effective enough to eliminate various types of hormonal imbalances, that too naturally so that every woman can enjoy better and more comfortable menstrual cycles down the road.

Soothes Uterine Spasm: Get over uterine spasms permanently. Use WYN’s pain-free mints right away as they relieve you from these spasm bouts aside from rewarding you with more enjoyable and relaxing menstrual cycles.

Relief from Uterine Pain: Regular use of WYN’s pain-free mints relieves you from uterine cramps and pain, and in return, you can expect periodical cycles that are utterly relaxing and comfortable.

Provided all the advantages it comes with, WYN’s pain-free mints allow you to enjoy healthier and more comfortable menstrual cycles, chiefly, due to the inclusion of natural ingredients into the product. Shatavara, Lodhra, Ashoka, Nagarmotha and Nirgundi are the most notable of them.

As a result, not only your Menstrual Wellness get better, but you can also live a life free of unwanted menstrual ailments and associated health issues.


So, why wait? Is polymenorrhea also affecting your regular menstrual cycles and affecting you with symptoms such as heavy bleeding and intense uterine pains? If yes, then give a try to WYN’s pain-free mints today and ensure Women’s Wellness away from unwanted periodical cares and worries.

Also, consult an experienced healthcare professional to get the best assistance and advice. 

Wish you a very healthy and productive menstrual health ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do periods come twice a month?

Several things can cause a woman to menstruate twice a month. These can range from irregular periods, puberty issues, pregnancy to that of hormonal changes during perimenopause etc.

Can stress cause periods twice a month?

Yes, too much stress and anxiety can make a woman menstruate twice a month or the person may not bleed at all for a month or two. This is because exposure to stressful situations can weaken the mind and body, thus, affecting menstrual cycles in women to a great extent.

What are the social taboos about menstruation in India?

In India, many social taboos encircle the concept of menstruation. These inhibitions refrain girls and women in the country from living a normal life including restrictions on cooking, eating, visiting temples, inability to participate in social events, separate sleeping arrangements during periods and so on.

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