Father Creates a Memorable Experience for Daughter’s First Menstruation: A True Story

Father Creates a Memorable Experience for Daughter’s First Menstruation: A True Story


In a society where menstruation and women's wellness has long been enveloped in silence and stigma, Jitendra Bhatt, a dedicated music teacher, is determined to challenge the norm by commemorating his daughter Ragini's first period in a truly remarkable and empowering way. This blog will delve into the heartwarming story of how a father's dedication to breaking taboos and normalising menstruation garnered praise and criticism.

Setting the Scene:

Jitendra Bhatt's daughter, Ragini, reached the landmark of turning 13, marking the onset of her menstrual journey. Instead of surrendering to societal norms that often dictate secretiveness and shame around menstruation, Bhatt decided to turn this meaningful moment into a celebration. He invited friends, family, and even his music students to join in the festivities, creating an environment that not only celebrated Ragini's metamorphosis but also aimed to normalise discussions about menstruation.

The Unconventional Celebration:

Balloons adorned the house, and a specially ordered cake bore the message "Happy Periods Ragini." This simple act carried a powerful message, challenging the muted conversations and stigmatisation surrounding menstruation. Bhatt's allegiance to making this celebration unique went even further when he requested the cake baker to engrave the unconventional phrase, "Happy Periods Ragini," shocking the baker and everyone concerned.

The Motivation Behind the Celebration:

Bhatt's rationale for the celebration stemmed from personal observations and a longing to break free from the menstrual taboos deeply rooted in Indian society. He recalled examples from his upbringing where women, including his aunts and sisters, were secluded during their menstruation. In many rural households, women still faced quarantine during this time, with some even consigned to sleeping in barns. The lack of open dialogue on menstruation contributes to the perpetuation of myths and insensibility, as highlighted by a UNICEF report in 2020, proclaiming that 71% of adolescent girls in India were ignorant of menstruation until their first period.

Challenging the Status Quo:

Bhatt's determination to celebrate his daughter's first period was a deliberate effort to challenge societal norms and prompt a conversation that had been muted for far too long. He invited his music students, anticipating them to laugh at the unconventional celebration. Still, his underlying objective was to normalise menstruation and make it a topic that could be openly conferred without shame or embarrassment.

Social Media Backlash and Support:

Following the merrymaking, Bhatt shared pictures on social media, expecting a mixed response. The online reaction exceeded his expectations, with an outpouring of both support and criticism. Many hailed Bhatt for his progressive approach, praising it as a step toward dismantling age-old taboos. However, the celebration also attracted heartbreaking comments, echoing the stigmas.

Empowering Change: The Ripple Effect of Jitendra Bhatt's Period Celebration

Bhatt's decision to celebrate his daughter Ragini's first period went past the confines of his home, becoming a stimulus for change in the broader community. The ripple effect of his extraordinary approach reached far and wide, sparking talks and inspiring individuals to rethink their perspectives on menstruation.

Educational Impact:

One of the most notable outcomes of Bhatt's celebration was its educational consequence on his music students. By comprising menstruation into their discussions, Bhatt aimed to homogenise the topic, making it a part of everyday conversations rather than a gossiped secret. The celebration served as an educational podium, breaking down stereotypes and dispelling myths surrounding menstruation.

Students who initially regarded the party with a sense of amusement soon engaged in significant conversations about menstruation, accepting the natural occurrences alongside accommodating ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods into their daily routine. Bhatt's commitment to standardising this natural bodily process resonated with his students, questioning them to challenge preconceived notions and contributing to a more knowledgeable and empathetic generation.

Community Conversations:

The celebration's influence extended beyond the classroom, sparking discussions within the community. Neighbours, friends, and relatives found themselves debating menstruation openly, a subject that had long been relegated to quiet tones and hidden away. Bhatt's decision to share the celebration on social media was vital in strengthening these conversations, turning a private family event into a shared juncture of reflection for many.

While the online backlash stressed the deeply ingrained taboos in society, it also functioned as a stark reminder of the work that remains to be done. Bhatt's openness paved the way for others to share their stories and experiences, constructing a virtual space where individuals could find solace and compassion.

Breaking Cultural Barriers:

In a country like India, where cultural practices often dictate societal norms, challenging age-old sentiments requires stability and determination. Bhatt's celebration of Ragini's first period encountered the deeply rooted cultural practices that eternalise menstrual taboos. By openly disregarding these norms, Bhatt sent a powerful message that change is essential and achievable.

The celebration also sheds light on the discrepancies between urban and rural areas in India, where menstrual taboos are often more evident. Bhatt's acknowledgement of these regional disparities further fueled the conversation, stimulating discussions on the need for inclusive education and awareness campaigns to bridge the community aperture.

Addressing Heartbreaking Comments:

While the celebration garnered general support, the heartbreaking comments that Bhatt received emphasised the urgent need for more exhaustive education and awareness surrounding menstruation. Many individuals voiced shock and discomfort, reflecting the profoundly ingrained societal norms that continue to stigmatise this natural bodily operation.

Addressing these comments head-on, Bhatt reiterated the importance of open dialogue and education. By reacting with empathy and facts, he altered the negativity into an opportunity for education, fostering individuals to question their biases and consider alternative standpoints. This approach demonstrated the power of patience and understanding in disassembling deeply entrenched taboos.

Looking Towards the Future:

Jitendra Bhatt's celebration of his daughter's first period questioned societal conventions and carved the way for a more inclusive and educated future. The ripple effect of his actions resumes to inspire conversations, encouraging individuals to reconsider their beliefs and contributing to an incremental shift in societal attitudes towards menstruation and valuing female intimate hygiene products immensely.

As we reflect on Bhatt's journey, it becomes apparent that breaking taboos requires individual fearlessness and collective effort. It is a journey of facilitating empathy, understanding, and education, with each little step contributing to a more significant movement for transformation. While challenges prevail, Bhatt's celebration is a glimmer of hope, proving that even in hardship, transformative change is feasible when we dare to challenge the status quo.


Jitendra Bhatt's uncommon celebration of his daughter Ragini's first period is a potent example of how breaking taboos requires a conscious and visible effort. While the social media response indicated the persisting challenges and stigmas surrounding menstruation, it also underlined the importance of cultivating open dialogue and embracing change. Bhatt's commitment to integrating menstruation within his home is a small yet consequential step toward a more inclusive and informed society where no one feels the demand to hide or be ashamed of a natural and universal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the unique celebration featured in the Brut India video?

Jitendra Bhatt's unique celebration featured in the Brut India video concerned turning his daughter Ragini's first period into a positive event. He organised a gathering with friends, family, and music students, embellishing the house with balloons and ordering a cake with the unconventional message, "Happy Periods Ragini." This celebration disregarded societal norms surrounding menstruation and sought to initiate an open dialogue about a topic often shrouded in secrecy.

How did the father prepare for his daughter's first period?

Jitendra Bhatt took a proactive and unconventional approach to prepare for his daughter Ragini's first period recast the typically private and hushed event into a festive celebration. Bhatt invited friends, family, and his music students to partake, decorated the house with balloons, and ordered a cake with the empowering message "Happy Periods Ragini." This considerate preparation aimed to destigmatise menstruation and normalise discussions around it.

What was the father's message through this celebration?

Jitendra Bhatt's revelry of his daughter's first period conveyed a decisive message challenging societal taboos. By openly celebrating a natural and ubiquitous event, Bhatt aimed to normalise menstruation, encouraging a culture where discussions about periods are free from shame or humiliation. His message was clear: shattering the silence around menstruation is indispensable for societal progress and the well-being of future generations.

How did the audience receive the video?

The video documenting Jitendra Bhatt's extraordinary celebration received a miscellaneous reception from the audience. Many viewers hailed Bhatt for his progressive approach, considering it a courageous step toward dismantling age-old taboos. The celebration resounded positively with those advocating for open discussions about menstruation. However, the video also garnered heartbreaking comments, echoing the persisting stigma and despair surrounding the topic. Despite the mixed reactions, Bhatt's video flared crucial conversations online, emphasising the critical need for societal change and education concerning menstruation.


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