WYN’s PCOS Mints: Ayurvedic Mints for a Healthier You

WYN’s PCOS Mints: Ayurvedic Mints for a Healthier You


While the hustle culture is being prioritised in today's bustling world, women often end up neglecting their health. This results in severe hormonal disorders that lead to serious diseases like PCOS. This is why WYN brings in a quality range of ayurvedic mints that especially focus on women’s wellness. These ayurvedic mints, crafted to address menstrual complexities,  provide a well-rounded approach to women’s wellness that specifically focuses on problems like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease). Let's dive deeper into the world of WYN’s ayurvedic mints for Pcos to discover the organic ways to a healthier you. 

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Ayurvedic mints for PCOS

According to Ayurveda, when the natural balance of each component of a healthy body is disturbed, disease appears. Hence ayurveda focuses on restoring the balance organically. WYN's ayurvedic mints come into the picture for empowering women to have full control of their health. WYN's mints tend to make women's lives better by helping them deal with some health concerns like PCOS, painful periods and irregular menses.

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What makes WYN's Ayurvedic Mints for PCOS stand out?

WYN’s PCOS mints are a unique mixture of several nutrient-rich herbs like Myo-inositol, Ashoka, Shatavari, Lodhra, Kanchnaar, Nagarmotha, Hirabol, etc. These ingredients keep the overall health factors in check. From regulating the production of insulin in the body, optimising secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, to mitigating uterine cysts and fibroids, Ayurvedic mints help to achieve overall wellness.

  1. Holistic Formulation

The organic formula of WYN's ayurvedic mints not only helps in ovarian activities and enhancing ovulation but also helps manage weight and regulate blood sugar levels among other benefits. 

  1. Steroid Hormones Free

Your wellness is WYN's top concern. These mints are completely free of steroid hormones and artificial colours which ensures an organic approach to curb menstrual issues. 

  1. Vegetarian & Allergen-Free

WYN intends to cater to every woman irrespective of their diet preferences. Hence these ayurvedic mints are vegetarian and allergen-free and work well in any gut microbiome. 

  1. Balanced Hormones

The major components of the ayurvedic mints like Ashoka, Lodhra, and Shatavari help in regulating menstrual hormones which reduces the effects of unbalanced hormones. This way it cures facial hair growth in women, and also reduces acne and pigmentation.

  1. Stress Relief

The emotional toll that PCOS brings to your life can create additional stress which interrupts the natural activities of hormones. WYN has designed ayurvedic mints that provide you with a sense of relief while natural ingredients like Hirabol work on your irregular cycle. 

How to Consume WYN's Ayurvedic Mints for PCOS

WYN presents ayurvedic mints for PCOS considering the different lifestyle choices of today's empowered women. Indicating that Ayurveda can replace drug-based medicine choices sustainably WYN has introduced Ayurvedic mints for PCOS that can be taken flexibly. You can have these ayurvedic mints in any manner that suits your interest or habit. You can dissolve these ayurvedic mints for PCOS in water and have these if you want. Moreover, if you wish you can swallow them with water like regular pills. If you chew these ayurvedic mints for PCOS then also you will be amazed to savour the taste.

What WYN’s Ayurvedic Mints for PCOS will take care of

Many of you still don't know what are the root causes of PCOS that are harming the day-to-day women’s wellness. PCOS is a condition that arises due to the disruption and irregularities in hormones in your body and it leads to difficulties in pregnancy. The issues of PCOS are often related to hormonal discrepancies such as the presence of male hormones higher than usual, high insulin levels, diabetes, obesity, and characteristic cysts on the ovaries. The ayurvedic mints for PCOS launched by WYN are going to address these issues to the root of them and give you better results in less than expected time.

How WYN’s Ayurvedic Mints for PCOS boosts women’s wellness

The nutrients that are present in WYN’s Ayurvedic Mints for PCOS work effectively in addressing the issues causing PCOS. After taking the ayurvedic mints, they will help your body through balanced secretion of hormones such as thyroid-stimulating hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and insulin. The benefits of WYN's ayurvedic mints for women’s wellness are multifolds- they aid in ovulation, relieve stress, mitigate uterine cysts and fibroids, and effectively decrease the severity of hyperandrogenism. As a result, your overall health condition improves and you get freed from the issues of PCOS.

Women's Wellness Redefined with WYN

WYN claims that a woman requires a customised wellness solution at every phase of her life. Whether she is an adolescent or is experiencing motherhood or facing menopause, WYN presents a wide range of organically designed products that provide solutions to diverse needs. 

  1. Menstrual Wellness: Ayurvedic mints for Pcos help you get painless periods and regulate white discharge.
  2. Sensual Wellness: It provides means to breast firming, depigmenting intimate areas, and overall vaginal wellness. 
  3. Pregnancy Care: WYN presents nutritional mints for women’s wellness during pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Menopausal Wellness: It also has a range of harmless vaginal creams, and mints reducing menopausal pains.
  5. Everyday Wellness: Vaginal wipes and hygiene spray are also in stock.

Exceptional Success and Positive Feedback in women’s wellness

WYN’s products including the ayurvedic mints for PCOS have witnessed a massive success within the first two months of its pre-launch. Exceptional sales growth recorded by WYN reflects its popularity and acceptance in the women’s wellness segment. These topicals and mints have not only gotten recognition and love in the metro cities but women from tier I and tier II cities have also showered their love and trust on WYN's ayurvedic mints for PCOS and other women’s wellness-related issues. This kind of massive flow of positive feedback is a testament to WYN's dedication towards offering innovative and naturally derived products for sustaining women’s wellness.


Conventionally women are conditioned to prioritise the well-being of their family members more than their own. The habit of neglecting symptoms that may uncover severe underlying health conditions later has remained the same among women. WYN’s Ayurvedic mints for PCOS become a testament to the brand’s vision of redefining women’s wellness. WYN is committed to empowering women to have full control of their overall health by providing organic solutions to hormonal issues. Utilising nature's magic, WYN is on its journey to become India's leading Med-Tech platform. WYN's success so far speaks volumes about their products' positive impact on a diverse range of consumers. Manifest a brighter future with WYN's ayurvedic mints for PCOS to experience the organic path to achieve a balanced hormonal system holistically.


  1. Is green tea good for polycystic ovaries?

Green tea is good for polycystic ovaries. PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a reproductive disorder caused by increased levels of oxidant elements in blood. On the other hand, green tea is considered a strong antioxidant because it has catechins as its component. Apart from this green tea also helps in fat burning which reduces overall weight. Keeping weight in control is a major concern in reversing PCOS. Hence green tea is advised to consume if you have PCOS.

  1. What causes PCOS?

Many consider PCOS to have genetic components. They say that mutation in genes might have happened in the ovary itself or the brain that is going to control the secretion of hormones, to cause PCOS. but environmental and lifestyle changes are also at play to make the symptoms of PCOS come to light. The body's tendency towards insulin resistance and other hormonal imbalances can disrupt the menstrual cycle, eventually contributing to developing PCOS. 

  1. Can PCOS go away?

PCOS is believed to be a companion of a woman for the rest of her life. As the symptoms of PCOS vary from person to person, the range of solutions is vast. These solutions only help in managing the symptoms like improving hormonal imbalances will also reduce the effects of PCOS. If someone is overweight then opting for weight loss will also help her with improved ovulation and overall metabolic health. Adopting a holistic lifestyle can overall heal the symptoms of PCOS.

  1. What are the 4 stages of PCOS?

There are 4 stages of PCOS. Insulin-resistant PCOS is the most common type of PCOS. It happens due to high insulin levels in the blood. When body cells stop responding to insulin, the levels of insulin rise eventually increasing blood sugar levels also. Inflammatory PCOS results from a toxic environment and consuming inflammatory diets like gluten. It causes inflammation eventually disrupting ovulation. Abruptly stopping the consumption of oral contraceptive pills may cause post-pill PCOS. Women who experience excessive stress may develop Adrenal PCOS.

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